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Linuo Power obtained INMETRO certification for Brazil Market.

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With global PV market development, South America is more and more important, especially for Brazil market. INMETRO certificate, as a ticket, is Linuo’s first step to enter Brail market successfully.
With PV development of South America, more and more PV Companies invest into this market and try their best to seize market opportunities. Like other PV market, Brazil market also has its “ticket”. Solar modules should firstly get this ticket, then they can be approved to enter Brazil market. This ticket is INMETRO and INMETRO’s relevant Approved Shipping Mark. Linuo Power participated in expending market actively very earlier and applying certification work.
INMETRO, as a necessary certification for solar module exported to South America, is mainly about testing energy efficiency of solar modules and classify them from A to E. Linuo Power solar modules completely conform to INMETRO strict testing standards with excellent and high efficiency performance. Furthermore, Linuo Power get the highest, Grade A, for all type of modules, which builds a very solid foundation for expending Brazil market.
INMETRO, as a Brazilian Accreditation Body, is responsible for setting Brazil National Standards. Most of Brazil products’ standards are based on IEC and ISO certification. So the companies exporting to Brail should refer these two standards when designing products. All products can be approved to enter into Brazil market, when they conformed to Brazil standards and technical requirement and added INMETO mark and approved third party authorization marks.

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