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Linuo Power won the 2016 "Solar Energy Cup" Excellent Module Enterprise award

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In November 2nd 2016, the "Solar Energy Cup" CREC annual awards ceremony was held in Wuxi. All the well-known photovoltaic enterprises attended the ceremony, and Linuo Power Group came top of all to be named the “Excellent Module Enterprise” award.
“Excellent Module Enterprise” title is a high recognition in products quality and customer service for LINUO PV modules, the company always adhere to the "technology innovation, quality excellence, creating value for customers" concept. With ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 management system as the basis, the company starts with high-end research and development to improve product efficiency, then ensures the reliability of products by importing manufacturing equipment from Europe and the United States, controls the product stability by refining production process, improves product safety from comprehensive test, develops better customer service for more customer satisfaction, ensures that every module comes out of factory has quality which is higher than that of customer’s requirements, and the harsh testing conditions guarantees that the components can maintain normal usage in the bad operating environment like desert and sea. At the same time, the company established a strategic cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign professional testing organizations, and all the products have passed the tests made by the authorities, such as the German TUV, American UL, Japan JET/JPEA, Brazil INMETRO, Israel SII, British MCS, Golden Sun, CEC and etc.,. Asa result, the company’s products are exported to Germany, Japan, Italy, the United States, Brazil, Australia, Chile, South Africa Belgium etc,., around 30 countries and regions in total. The company also provides long-term linear performance warranty for customers, thus having won the praise from all the customers.
In the future, Linuo Power will continue to uphold the core concept of "Technology Innovation, Quality Excellence" and commit to the improvement of products’ conversion efficiency, strengthen the R&D of new technology, refine production process. With cutting-edge technology and excellent manufacturing technologies, the group dedicates to providing more high-quality, high-reliability and high performance-cost ratio photovoltaic products and try to make every family use" parity "solar power.
"Solar Energy Cup" Annual PV Industry Contest was sponsored by Solarbe.com and Solar Energy Magazine, together with industry associations, experts, well-known research institutions, to poll for the outstanding characters and events in photovoltaic industry and enterprises in the year of 2016. 2016 "Solar Energy Cup - Excellent Module Enterprise" selection was conducted through online voting, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Photovoltaic Industry Association, National Solar Photovoltaic Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Wuxi New Energy Chamber of Commerce and Other Agencies’ evaluation results. This award shows the full approval from industry organizations and representatives of the media to Linuo Power’s products.

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