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  Mono module certificate of Top Runner Program .pdf 421.4736328125 KB
  Poly module certificate of Top Runner Program .pdf 420.98828125 KB
  Australian Clean Energy Council .png 76.666015625 KB
  INMETRO certificate .jpg 38.693359375 KB
  JET certificate .jpg 7.805633544921875 MB
  PID certificate of mono module .jpg 3.156186103820801 MB
  PID certificate of poly module .jpg 4.263561248779297 MB
  Certificate of ammonia .jpg 4.205580711364746 MB
  Certificate of Salt spray .jpg 4.279375076293945 MB
  IEC 61215 certificate .jpg 6.632245063781738 MB
  IEC 61730 certificate .jpg 6.022446632385254 MB
  UL certificate .jpg 3.5478668212890625 MB
  Golden Sun certificate .jpg 8.66460132598877 MB
  Israel Certificate .jpg 2.941889762878418 MB
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