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Linuo Group

Linuo Group was established in September 1994, currently has 8000 staff and the overall turnover more than 10 billion yuan. Linuo group has created a solar sunshine economy, health industry as the core of the industrial clusters and Jinan, Wuhan two major industrial bases. Under the jurisdiction of the Riter Group, Linuo Power Group, Power group, newell, Linuo Glass, Hong Ji Tang Group secondary companies.
Linuo Group adheres to the scientific development, highlighting the innovation-driven, technology-oriented, commitment to the national "Torch" program and 20 items of 863 key projects. In the field of solar thermal utilization, we got the unique National Progress Award second prize, owns the unique national enterprise technology center, the unique national housing industry base, the unique characteristics  national Torch Program of industrial base.
In the field of industries which Linuo Group is involved, we owns a number of leading international technology and products, has placed a few ‘No.1’ in the industries. CPC solar thermal industrial boiler system, the temperature of the heat pipe, titanium film all - glass vacuum solar collectors, solar water heaters, on behalf of the industry - leading level, have filled blanks in the market, In the field of painting, we have the highest level of technology on behalf of the national automotive coatings; in the field of special glass, we have neutral borosilicate glass and other high-level technology; in the pharmaceutical field, we have  intellectual property rights such as musk ketone and other state-level new drugs.
Linuo Group focuses on the R&D process of technology, the Group owns Solar Energy Research Institute, Painting Research Center, Glass Research Institute, Research Institute of Chinese Medicine etc,. Its 13 provincial-level scientific research platform constantly develop new inventions of new technologies and IP, with international competitiveness, to ensure Linuo Group’s technology and products are cutting-edge on the international market. By the end of 2013, Linuo Group has more than 450 patents, with "LINUO Paradigma", "Double Tigers", "Hongjitang" and "Linuo” being Chinese Nationwide Well-Known Trademarks and 20 Provincially Well-known Trademarks, the Group is upgrading itself into technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive enterprises.
Linuo Group has spirits of integrity, being open and win-win. The forward-looking spirit of innovation, the development of international vision, the first-class technology and equipment, the shared data resources, customer-first professional attitude, the concept of energy saving, as well as thorough occupation system, etc., makes Linuo a global cooperation partner on a strategic level with more than 20 of the 500-top enterprises. Linuo Group and its cooperation partners co-worked together to help on employees’ growth, improve customers’ value, as well as refine the environment. The Group adheres to the "going out" strategy, and has set up overseas branches in New York, Frankfurt and other places, to stay closer to the customers and integrate into the global market.
Linuo Group adheres to industrial development in a stable and scientific way. CCP and the nation’s leaders paid visits to the Group to inspect and make suggestions to the enterprises, they also give a lot of care and support to the Group. This is a great recognition and praise to the cooperation’s “take social responsibility, have appreciative heart" concept. The Group has the operation objective of "To seek the material and spiritual happiness for all employees and their families, to make contributions to human and social development”. The objective is further reflected in employee’s development, donation activities (to the poor or to who suffer from natural disaster) and caring activities.