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Linuo Power Group

Linuo Power Group, founded in 2002, is the secondary group of Linuo Group. As one of the earliest international hi-tech developed photovoltaic-production companies in China, Linuo Power Group specializes in research and development, manufacturing and sales of solar cells and solar panels, and is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services.
At present, Linuo Power Group has four subsidiaries companies: Shandong Linuo Photovoltaic High-tech Co., Ltd., Shandong Linuo Solar Power Co., Ltd., Shandong Linuo Solar Materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lu Xu Technology Development Co., Ltd., the four companies are managing three solar cell factories and five solar panels factories, among which there are three factories in Jinan, one factory in Shanghai and one factory in Korea. The annual production capacity of solar cells is 1.0GW and the capacity of solar module is 1.2GW.
Linuo Power Group has integrated world-class manufacturing technologies and management system set up by the world-class management experts and experts in solar photovoltaic power generation consisting of international management and technical research and development team. Linuo also established some platforms, such as Shandong Province Key Laboratory of high efficiency solar cell technology, solar energy in Shandong Province Photovoltaic power engineering research center and the Institute of Linuo Solar photovoltaic R & D and so on. Furthermore, we have set up a broad and in-depth cooperation relationship with the world-renowned enterprises and research institutions. More than 90% of the production equipment of Linuo Power Group are from world-class equipment manufacturers such as Germany, Italy and South Korea. The average conversion efficiency of the products has reached the leading level in the same industry at home and abroad. All the products have passed the certification like TUV, UL, MCS, J- JET, CEC, IEC, CE, INMETRO, Golden Sun and so on. We has got 206 patents till to 2016. Over the past 10 years, Linuo Power products have been shipped to over 30 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, America, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Japan, South Africa etc. Our group establish a branch company or office in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries.
To better serve the local customers.
Linuo Power Group always adheres to the "The most sophisticated technology, the best quality" concept, and provide Chinese and foreign customers high quality, excellent solar cells and solar panels products. In the challenging photovoltaic industry, the growing of Linuo Power Group will continue to uphold the "strength of the cast, commitment to the eternal" spirit of enterprise, focusing on solar photovoltaic production research and development, with you to enjoy the sun, happy life.